GoLow Indoor Golf is an indoor golf facility utilizing the most current golf flight simulation devices available.

We want your experience with us to be beneficial on many levels. We want you to utilize the technology to improve your game. That may mean slow-motion video replay, ball flight simulation, club path analysis or simply grooving the correct swing, GoLow Indoor Golf offers you the most modern technology to assist you in perfecting your swing. Our hitting bays are created with the same technology seen and utilized on The Golf Channel. This is your opportunity to practice the way the pros practice!

Our league play is held at night when darkness would not normally allow you to play a round of golf. Another great feature of our league play is that it only takes about 90 minutes for 2 players to complete 18 holes of tournament golf! League play will consist of 30 to 45 players per night competing in a monthly tournament setting. The Monday night league for example will be held on every Monday night for 4 consecutive weeks, each week representing the “day” of the tournament. Weeks 3 and 4 will have the leaders paired in the same hitting bay going head to head until a champion is crowned.

Our facility can create any type of course conditions in which you would like to practice. If you are planning a trip to Scotland you can create windy conditions. If you are playing in Florida you create sea-level conditions with wind and intermittent rain. Going to San Diego and just want perfect conditions? We can do that too. The reality is you can make your session any way you want it….isn’t that the way it should be? If only our spouses could be so accommodating.

Memberships are available with special perks and discounts that are only available to our valued members. Ask your starter or GoLow Girl about details regarding membership costs and benefits.