Summer Special

GoLowGolf has announced a summer special for weekend golfers. A player can select any 4-week period (8 weekend days) and play unlimited golf during those weekends for only $59 at GoLow Indoor Driving Range. This gives the weekend golfer the opportunity to play in a climate controlled environment during the summer months. So many golfers have complained about +4 hour rounds of golf in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees on Las vegas golf courses. Not only is this uncomfortable, it’s UNHEALTHY. Many golfers are unaware of the risks of prolonged sun exposure as it relates to skin cancer, the most dangerous being melanoma. When you consider the cost and health benefits of playing indoors, it’s an easy choice to take your game indoors. GoLow proudly offers 18 different championship courses to play on, many of which the average golfer would never have the opportunity to play. Bring your foursome indoors this summer and truly enjoy your golf experience.

59 for weekends

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