The secret they don’t want you to know about Range Balls!

The June 2014 Golf Digest Magazine story revealed some interesting facts about range balls. Their study concluded that range balls were far more INCONSISTENT than new, non-range balls.

The study compared random range balls with new Titleist Pro V1’s. You would have received the same results with Callaway, TaylorMade, Srixon, Nike, Bridgestone or any other major golf ball manufacturer. The distance the range balls flew was far less consistent than that of the newer golf balls.

We at GoLowGolf feel the same way. We offer you brand new golf balls in our facility so that you are able to get the most accurate feedback available. When you are spending your time and money to improve your game you should be receiving the most reliable results from your efforts. None of this information is new to any golfer….the difference now is that you have a better option with GoLowGolf. See you soon at our grand opening this summer!

The truth about range balls - Golow Golf - Las Vegas Nevada Indoor golf range

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